06.22.10 Oscilloscope acquires rights to Richard Shepard's John Cazale Doc I KNEW IT WAS YOU

06.02.10 Oscilloscope acquires rights to WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: A MAN WITHIN

04.22.10 Oscilloscope acquires Sundance opener HOWL for September release

04.08.10 Oscilloscope announces acquisition of award-winning Sundance film A FILM UNFINISHED

02.09.10 Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak

02.03.10 Watch out Harvey, it's on

11.23.09 The Cirlce of Trust

10.21.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories Readies THE EXPLODING GIRL

07.13.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories Acquires THE MESSENGER starring Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson, Samantha Morton and Jena Malone

06.08.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories Latest Acquisition Looks to Have No Impact on the Environment

05.26.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories Snatches Up Michel Gondry's THE THORN IN THE HEART

05.19.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories Kicks it Old School with The Law

04.16.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories acquires North American rights to KISSES

03.16.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories acquires North American rights to THE PARANOIDS at the SXSW Film Festival

03.12.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories acquires UNMISTAKEN CHILD

03.06.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories acquires multi award-winning film, BURMA VJ

02.25.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories acquires Academy-Award nominated documentary, THE GARDEN

02.01.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories Picks Up Scott Walker Music Doc 30 CENTURY MAN

01.13.09 Oscilloscope Laboratories acquires critically acclaimed feature film TREELESS MOUNTAIN

09.19.08 Oscilloscope Picture's announces acquisition of Slamdance hit film, DEAR ZACHARY

07.22.08 Oscilloscope Pictures to release Kelly Reichardt's Cannes hit, WENDY AND LUCY

07.08.08 Oscilloscope Picture's to release Caroline Suh's High School Election Film, FRONTRUNNERS

05.20.08 Oscilloscope Picture's Announces First Acquisition: FLOW

03.19.08 Oscilloscope Pictures is 'GUNNIN' For Theaters

02.04.08 Oscilloscope Pictures