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  • Bellflower Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Vinyl+CD) - SOLD OUT


    Original music by Jonathan Keevil from the film BELLFLOWER

    Also available for download on the iTunes store

    Track Listing

    1. bland
    2. blind, deaf too
    3. enough
    4. fuuuu
    5. babyfin
    6. dreadnought sideroad
    7. dunes
    8. silkroad
    9. bracketflower
    10. at end of moment
    11. sinple

    About Jonathan Keevil

    Jonathan Keevil grew up in Vancouver, Canada. He graduated from the Concordia University Film Production Program in Montreal, Quebec in 2005. His continued pursuit of a career in the film world led him to California in 2007 where he met Writer/Director Evan Glodell through his childhood friend Tyler Dawson and they began working with the Coatwolf crew on various projects, culminating with the production of BELLFLOWER. Music had always been a side-project for Jonathan. He began recording and writing music in 2001 and would produce the score for his films when necessary. The music for Bellflower came from his personal stash of recordings in Garageband which Evan ╩╗stumbled╩╝ across during the editing process. Due to the personal nature of the recordings, it was a perfect fit for Bellflower.

    About the Soundtrack

    Though an integral part of BELLFLOWER's pre-production phase, Jonathan Keevil was forced to leave Ventura County and return to his native Canada just as production started to ramp up. Jonathan and BELLFLOWER writer/director Evan Glodell kept in touch, and though out of the country, Jonathan assisted with production as much as he could. He also bugged Evan persistently about a hard drive he had left behind amongst Evan's equipment that held a batch of original music he had recorded over the years. As the editing process began, Evan found Jonathan's hard drive of recordings, and on a whim, he overlaid Jonathan's music on a montage that he'd just edited. Evan fell in love immediately - Jonathan's music perfectly fit the mood and aesthetic of BELLFLOWER. It wasn't until later that Evan learned that the majority of Jonathan's songs had been written after a particularly bad breakup similar to the relationship that had inspired Evan to write BELLFLOWER. As these songs came from similar feelings of sensitivity and heartbreak, Evan became determined to fit as much of Jonathan's music into the film as reasonably possible.