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ON DVD MARCH 2, 2010
Release date will coincide with DVD release of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE

“I said anything I wanted because I don’t believe in children. I don’t believe in childhood. I don’t believe that there’s this demarcation. ‘Oh, you mustn’t tell them that. You mustn’t tell them that.’ You tell ’em anything you want. Just tell ’em if it’s true. If it’s true, you tell ’em.”

-Maurice Sendak

(New York, NY – Feb 9th, 2010) – Oscilloscope Laboratories announced today that it has acquired North American rights to Lance Bangs and Spike Jonze’s documentary TELL THEM ANYTHING YOU WANT: A PORTRAIT OF MAURICE SENDAK, a fascinating look at one of the most cherished and controversial figures in children’s literature. The DVD will be released on March 2, 2010 to coincide with the DVD release date of Jonze’s critically acclaimed big screen adaptation of Sendak’s book WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. HBO previously acquired U.S. broadcast rights.

TELL THEM ANYTHING YOU WANT is a deeply moving tribute to Sendak, a seminal talent whose conflicts with success and lifelong obsession with death have subtly influenced his work. Now 81, Sendak is best known for his book WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, which he wrote twelve years into his career as a writer and illustrator. WILD THINGS would go on to become one of the most beloved and critically lauded children’s books of all time and, much to Sendak’s chagrin, would come to define his career. Through his own words, personal photos, and illustrations, Sendak offers a rare, intimate, and unexpected look at his exceptional life.

TELL THEM ANYTHING YOU WANT: A PORTRAIT OF MAURICE SENDAK includes 90 minutes of content curated by Bangs and Jonze and features appearances by James Gandolfini, Meryl Streep, Catherine Keener, and Tony Kushner honoring their friend and colleague.

Having worked closely with the Beastie Boys since the early ’90s, on multiple music videos and their magazine Grand Royal, the release marks a new collaboration for Jonze and O-scope head Adam Yauch.

Lances Bangs said, “This film grew out of several years of documenting Maurice as he engaged us in conversations around his home and drawing table. His rigorous minded candor and startling, challenging ideas about life and loss would keep ricocheting around your head after each visit, and now make up this film. Throughout which Maurice also manages to canon blast you with wildly imaginative stories and absurdly funny, sharp asides. Watch.”

Spike Jonze said, “Maurice Sendak and the Beastie Boys are two major influences in my life so it’s perfect to be doing this documentary about Maurice with Yauch. It’s one of those full-circle things.”

Adam Yauch said, “It’s great to have Spike stopping by the office to hang out. He is a good one to test the O-scope booby traps on, as he is rather spry on his feet. Currently Spike is hanging upside down by his left ankle, dangling from a palm tree. I’ll set him free shortly.”