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O-Scope dares to cross the streams with OSCILLOSCOPE STREAM-O-VISION / December 7th, 2011

Dear Friend,

It is with great pride that we announce today our newest installation of modern technology on the Oscilloscope Laboratories website:


Starting today, O-Scope will make a selection of films available for online viewing via our brand new patented Stream-O-Vision platform, which will include new titles and catalog titles as well as a handful of non-Oscilloscope films that we dig.

Stream-O-Vision is guaranteed to be a perfect activity for the entire family!**

Here are the details:

– Films will be available for $4.99 for a 48-hour viewing period (viewing period begins when you start playing the film).
– Most films will be available in HD (SD-only films will be available for $3.99).
– If you decide to buy a DVD or Blu-ray after streaming it, the cost of the stream will be discounted from the DVD purchase price. The same goes for new COT members.
– Stream-O-Vision will be compatible with both PC and Mac and available on new-fangled gadgets such as iPad and iPhone.
– New Stream-O-Vision films will be added all the time.
– Circle of Trust members, check this out:
you will receive one complimentary stream of each film available via Stream-O-Vision.

To access Stream-O-Vision, please visit our website at:

We at Oscilloscope Laboratories are proud to be on the cutting edge of entertainment technology.
If you have any questions or comments, we welcome you to fax or page us at 212.219.9538.


Bruce Farnsworth
Vice Executive of Stream-O-Vision Programming
Oscilloscope Laboratories

** Entire family satisfaction not guaranteed. Every family’s different so you never really know.