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A spoooooky little update from Oscilloscope Labs… / October 31st, 2013

Greetings Ghouls and Goblins,

Bruce here – rapping, rapping at your chamber door.

Just wanted to tip you off to a few O-Scope happenings before you end your All Hallow’s evening facedown in a pumpkin-shaped bucket of fun-sized Baby Ruth bars, or worse…

A)  THESE BIRDS WALK opens New York TOMORROW at the Village East Cinema

We’re super stoked to be releasing our friends Omar Mullick and Bassam Tariq’s THESE BIRDS WALK, a powerfully cinematic look at modern day Karachi and young Pakistani runaways.

The movie’s received tons of goodwill and praise in its pre-theatrical festival run — with comparisons to the 400 Blows and Terrence Malick & Michael Haneke.

It’s even sparked some discussion about how documentaries should be viewed by film critics and the filmgoing population at large:

THESE BIRDS WALK opens at the Village East Cinema in New York and we’ve got tons of filmmaker Q&As scheduled throughout the weekend.

Check out the trailer here (which features a track by one of our favorite bands, The Antlers).

And you can catch Q&As with the filmmakers at the following shows at Village East:

Fri 11/1 – Q&As following 5p, 7:10p, 9:30p, intro 11:40p

Sat 11/2 – Q&As following 1p, 2:50p, 5p, 7:10p, intro 9:30p

Sun 11/3 – Q&As following 1p, 2:50p, 5p, 7:10p

Weds 11/6 – Q&A following 7:10p

B)  12 O’CLOCK BOYS now available for pre-order with limited time $2 gift option

We’ve also made our much-anticipated Baltimore dirtbike doc 12 O’CLOCK BOYS available for early pre-order!

And for a limited time, pre-orders are eligible to gift another copy to a friend for only TWO BUCKS.

Snag it while it’s hot — direct from our site:

You can also sign up to receive some free, badass stickers for stickin’ WHEREVER.

12 O’CLOCK BOYS hits theaters & VOD+Digital platforms January 31st, 2014.

C)  OUR DAY WILL COME – redheaded roadtrip turned twisted sojourn for solidarity NOW AVAILABLE ON DIGITAL PLATFORMS!

Also new from those crazy kids at O-Scope: Romain Gavras’ incredible debut feature OUR DAY WILL COME, starring Vincent Cassel & Olivier Barthelemy as two disaffected redheads on the run.

Fans of Gavras’ now-classic music videos for Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “No Church In The Wild” and M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” and “Born Free” are sure to enjoy this trip.

Perhaps Entertainment Weekly put it best:

“A darkly comic satire… a picaresque and extremely bizarre tale of drinking, nudity, violence, carjacking, jacuzzi-despoiling, impetuous hair removal, and general insanity.”

We dig it, and we think you’ll dig it too.  Watch it on iTunes & Digital Platforms now!

D)  CIRCLE OF TRUST – the Perfect X-Mas Gift??

Some may say those shiny, silver discs are a thing of the past, but you know what?  Haters gonna hate.

We’re still churning out quality Blu-rays & DVDs, and even have a nice little club you can join – The Circle of Trust.

A mere $99 gets you our next 10 releases on Blu-ray or DVD, along with invites to special screenings, discounted back catalog, free streams & other kinds of fun goodies.

It makes the perfect X-Mas gift for the movie-lover, DVD collector, or fetishizer of physical goods in your life.

Sign up right on our site here:

And now that Halloween’s here, it’s totally kosher for us to talk about Christmas, right?


Lastly, we’re closing out with a little halloween treat for y’all… take a look, IF YOU DARE:

A happy & safe Halloween to you all,

Bruce Farnsworth

Oscilloscope Laboratories