Our First 47 Releases! / April 19th, 2013


With our next two releases (WUTHERING HEIGHTS and ONLY THE YOUNG / TCHOUPITOULAS), you might notice something new and different about the spines… but it’s OK!  Five years in the making, our first 47 Oscilloscope Releases (the spines. so pretty!) are finally complete!

To celebrate, all O-Scope Blu-rays and DVDs will be 47% off SRP in the O-Scope store until 11:47pm EST on Friday, April 26th.  To get 47% off, all you need to do is enter in the coupon code from the end of this video.

Or for you lazy folk, the coupon code is FIRST47.  But watch the video anyway, it’s fun!

We also may be doing our most ambitious giveaway yet – 1 entire set of the first 47 O-Scope releases.  To win, recommend an Oscilloscope movie to a friend by tagging both them and Oscilloscope Laboratories.


@Bruce Farnsworth – despite being a deadbeat dad, you’re still my dad. I know you’d love Oscilloscope Laboratories‘ movie The Other F Word!

We may draw a winner on Monday, April 22nd and announce via our Facebook!

*Caveat – Facebook does not condone giveaways, but we do.

IT’S A DISASTER in theaters this Friday! And other assorted notables… / April 10th, 2013

Hey gang,

It’s your ol’ pal Bruce from the Lab with a quick communique – hot off the presses and straight to your eyeballs.

I) IT’S A DISASTER opens NY & LA this FRIDAY! David Cross / America Ferrera Q&A in NYC; Todd Berger, Erinn Hayes, Cast + Crew Q&A in LA all weekend

We’re excited to finally be bringing Todd Berger’s delightful doomsday flick IT’S A DISASTER to theaters this Friday in both NY & LA, with a roll-out to Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Phoenix, and more in the weeks to come.

Your favorite never-nude David Cross will be doing Q&As on Friday 4/12 and Saturday 4/13 at the Village East Cinema’s 7:50pm shows. The lovely America Ferrera will join him for the Q&A at the Saturday 7:50pm, too.

And across the country, writer/director Todd Berger, Erinn Hayes (Childrens Hospital), and much more of the film’s cast & crew will be doing Q&As pretty much all weekend at the Los Feliz 3 in Los Angeles.

It’ll also be opening at the famous Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn (What up, Brooklyn?).

And if you don’t live in NY or LA, you can see the film in select theaters / cities soon, or on demand and digital RIGHT NOW:


You’ve seen ’em on the big screen, now watch ’em on your computer screen or portable viewing device or television or whatever! It’ll be easier to decipher their hidden messages this way.

ONLY THE YOUNG – now available on demand and digital
TCHOUPTIOULAS – available on demand & digital – April 16th
Factory 25’s SUN DON’T SHINE – available on demand & digital – April 23rd

And for those tangible-minded folks, we’ve got some DVDs coming at ya:

WUTHERING HEIGHTS – April 23rd [Blu-ray and DVD]

ONLY THE YOUNG & TCHOUPITOULAS Double Movie Teenage (Mutant?) Fun Pack – April 30th

III) Rowan Athale’s WASTELAND

After the disaster, we’ve got a wasteland… but instead of mohawked marauders shanking each other for petrol, Cockney Brits shank each other for… revenge.

WASTELAND will be on demand & digital July 2nd and in theaters July 26th.

Get your crowbars and ski masks ready.

That’s about it for ol’ Bruce. But for constant updates and asides from your friends at the Lab, check out our Facebook and Twitter.

Bruce Farnsworth
Official Bean Counter
Oscilloscope Laboratories


OSCILLOSCOPE HAS A NOONER // Acquires Critically Acclaimed Documentary 12 O’CLOCK BOYS / March 26th, 2013

(New York, NY) March 25, 2013—Oscilloscope Laboratories announced today that it has acquired all North American rights to Lotfy Nathan’s debut feature, 12 O’CLOCK BOYS. The film is fresh off its world premiere at SXSW, where it played to enthusiastic audiences and garnered significant critical praise. It is next slated to screen at the Hot Docs and Full Frame Documentary Festivals, among others. O-Scope will continue to roll the film out to more festivals prior to its theatrical, DVD, and digital releases.

The 12 O’Clock Boys are a notorious urban dirt bike pack in Baltimore. Converging in groups and invading the streets, they dangerously–yet magnificently–make their presence known as they pop wheelies and weave in and out of traffic at excessive speeds, all the while taunting the police who must obey a self-imposed “no chase” rule for fear of endangering the public. Nathan frames the three-years-in-the-making narrative through the eyes of the adolescent Pug – a kid from the Westside eager to join the 12 O’Clock Boys’ ranks. Pug reveres the Boys’ every move, and Nathan follows this young man through some of the most pivotal years of his life, providing a compelling and intimate personal story within the broader depiction of the wild, dynamic world of the 12 O’Clock Boys.

Dan Berger of Oscilloscope said, “In 12 O’CLOCK, Lotfy has introduced us to a world so compelling, so foreign, and so relatable all at once. It’s a portrait of a subculture as much as a window into the state of America, and it’s all in the guise of THE WIRE by way of CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. It’s seriously like nothing you’ve seen before.”

Filmmaker Lotfy Nathan said, “Oscilloscope’s great. I really hope they don’t f*&k this up.”

The film was both directed and produced by Lotfy Nathan. The deal was negotiated by Dan Berger and David Laub of Oscilloscope with ICM Partners and Marc H. Simon of Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard LLP on behalf of the filmmakers.

It’s A Disaster, Reality, Welcome To Pine Hill, and a goat? / March 6th, 2013


Much abuzz at the labs as of late, but we thought it important to take a minute to update you all about recent O-Scope happenings.

I.) IT’S A DISASTER Now Available on Demand and Digital!

Following our hyper-experimental pre-pre-release on Vine a few weeks back (for which I was sent on two weeks’ paid leave because it was too hyper-experimental), we’ve released our brand new, piping hot Apocalyptic comedy IT’S A DISASTER on demand and digital before it hits theaters.

We’ll be releasing the film in theaters across the country Friday, April 12th (and there’ll be a bunch of fun cast & crew Q&As and appearances, so stay tuned to the film’s Facebook and Twitter), you can catch the movie on your on demand & digital platforms like iTunes.

II.) Matteo Garrone’s REALITY hits theaters March 15th

REALITY, the new film by the incredible Italian auteur Matteo Garrone (who directed the critically-acclaimed crime drama GOMORRAH in 2008), is coming to theaters this month.

It’s the story of a charming and humble fishmonger (yes, a fishmonger) in Naples who becomes fixated on being a contestant on the reality show “Big Brother” (yes, that Big Brother!), leading him down a rabbit hole of skewed perceptions and paranoia. So far, critics have drawn comparisons to Fellini, Buñuel, and Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy” (one of our all-time faves) and Garrone himself describes the film as a “dark fairytale.”

Check out our trailer and find a theater near you right here:



In other O-Scope theatrical news, we just opened Keith Miller’s Slamdance-winning film WELCOME TO PINE HILL at the IFC Center here in Manhattan to a nearly sold-out weekend. The film will continue through this week and then on select showtimes next week, so catch it while you can!

For tickets and showtimes:


And more theaters:


IV.) That goat we promised…

We love short films at O-Scope. Some shorts are bite-size stories you can’t forget, and we loved this two-minute beauty (the best two-minute film!) at the recent True/False Film Festival…

So without further ado, here’s TINA DELIVERS A GOAT:


Director Joe Callander said, “The problem with short films is, they’re too long.”

We really look forward to Joe’s next film, TINA’S EX HUSBAND FALLS OFF A ZIPLINE. We hear it’s pretty riveting.

Forever yours (and anyone else who will have me),

Bruce Farnsworth

Minister of Information

Oscilloscope Laboratories


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IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT SUNNY AT OSCILLOSCOPE // O-Scope Acquires Spirit Nominated, Lauren Ambrose-starrer ABOUT SUNNY / February 27th, 2013

(New York, NY) February 27, 2013—Oscilloscope Laboratories announced today that it has acquired North American rights to Bryan Wizemann’s ABOUT SUNNY, which stars Lauren Ambrose (SIX FEET UNDER, SLEEPWALK WITH ME) in a role that earned her widespread acclaim and an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Actress. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (under the title THINK OF ME), and has since gone on to play other esteemed festivals such as The Hamptons International Film Festival, The Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and the Independent Film Festival of Boston, where it won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature. O-Scope will release the film on Cable VOD and all digital platforms on March 19th.

“Ambrose is on-screen for virtually every second, emanating a gorgeous, doomed charisma, and holds you in suspense the whole way…it’s a worthwhile recession-era drama built around a terrific performance.”
– Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

ABOUT SUNNY is a suspenseful drama about Angela, a struggling, single mother in Las Vegas who is trying to hold her life together for her daughter Sunny. As her life spirals out of control, Angela finally reaches a breaking point and is faced with an impossible choice: can she give up what she loves most for the promise of a better life for Sunny? An emotionally gripping character piece that shows us Angela’s heart-wrenching dilemma with both immediacy and compassion, ABOUT SUNNY is moving and deeply resonant, and features a career-defining performance from Ambrose which has already garnered significant critical acclaim by many top-tier critics.

“The sensitive and versatile Lauren Ambrose is positively devastating in ABOUT SUNNY… She is heartbreaking without a shred of self-pity, and ABOUT SUNNY is a sad, wrenching but admirably unsentimental film about the bravery of the human condition.”
– Rex Reed, New York Observer

ABOUT SUNNY co-stars Dylan Baker (2 DAYS IN NEW YORK, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, HAPPINESS), Penelope Ann Miller (THE ARTIST, CARLITO’S WAY), and introduces Audrey Scott as “Sunny.” The film was produced by Mike S. Ryan, Blythe Robertson, and Ambrose and co-produced by Alicia Van Couvering. Executive producers are Brent Stiefel of Votiv Films and Peter C. Selig.