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Circle of trust DVD Subscription
10x DVD Subscription Package

Circle of Trust (COT) subscriptions begin effective the date of registration (your first title will ship immediately) and continue through the next nine COT DVDs released by Oscilloscope. DVDs will ship roughly one week prior to official street date via USPS. All powww and handling is included in the COT subscription price. There will be no additional fees on COT titles. Selection of COT titles is solely at the discretion of Oscilloscope Laboratories. Auto-renewal is optional upon sign up. If at any point during your subscription you'd like to change your auto-renew status, please email us at

COT subscriptions will be billed one time per subscription (and one time upon each renewal), a flat fee for the entire price of the subscription (currently $150). There will be no additional charges for your COT subsciption.

COT subscriptions may not be cancelled or refunded. All COT subscription sales are final. Defective DVDs may be returned for a replacement within 30 days. Defective DVDs can be replaced with the same title only; we cannot exchange a defective DVD for a different DVD title or a refund. If you wish to exchange the film, please send an email to We will send a replacement film and a self addressed stamped envelope for you to return the defective film to us. If the defective DVD is not received within 30 days, Oscilloscope reserves the right to charge the credit card on file the purchase price of the DVD. Please include a note with the returned film stating the nature of the defect, if possible. We do not accept returns or exchanges for non-defective subscription and catalog films.

Gift subscriptions do not automatically renew. The recipient or the gift giver may renew the subscription at anytime before or after the subscription expires by sending an email to

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